An Easy Picture Gallery

I would like to share an easy picture gallery display with you that I have had up for quite a while and change the pictures out with the seasons.

Step 1: Purchase picture frames of your choice. I prefer them to be all the same finish, black in my case. Similar style of molding so they look like they belong together. The frames I used are 1 1/2″ -2″ wide. I found them at Target, some have matting some do not.

You will need a curtain rod that fits the style of frames you chose. I found a small one at Lowe’s that I have extended 60″. I chose not to use the brackets that came with the rod as I wanted it mounted closer to the wall . I bought hooks that didn’t extend as far out , only 1 1/2″. In addition you will need a roll of ribbon, I used black grograin 1″ wide.

Step 2: Decide how far you want your rod to extend and how high on the wall, making sure it is level. Mark about 4″ from the end of the rod and mount your hooks making sure they too are level with each other . You can then rest the rod in the hooks.

Step 3: Lay your frames out on the floor to decide the best balance and postion for each one. I did 3 rows of frames and made sure the were fairly even at the top row. Space them an even distance veritically in each row. Cut 3 pieces of ribbon all the same length, long enough to wrap around the rod and extend beyond the last photo . Attach ribbon to the rod with either a knot or bow, whatever you like. Space the ribbon evenly across the rod. Mine were spaced 18″ apart.

Step 4: Hanging the pictures. You could at this point add the small finishing nails into the ribbon where your frames are going to hang. If you aren’t confident with that, I suggest you cut a pattern of each frame out of butcher paper or I sometimes use wrapping paper I’m not fond of. Then you can play around with where each from looks best to you and then add the nail into the ribbon where that size frame will hang. That actually works very well.

Step 5: Sit back and admire your new beautiful photo gallery.

You did it! Wasn’t that easy?

It is a cold and beautiful morning here today. This is the sunrise I woke up to…

Have a blessed day,


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