Good-bye Snowmageddon!

Well that was an interesting week… Didn’t see that one coming!

If you live anywhere in Western Washington you are emerging from a winter blast some call ‘Snowmageddon’. Here in Olympia we had 17″-24″ depending on where you lived. The snow, while it started out all beautiful and fun, turned into an ice storm that downed trees and power lines everywhere. We lost electricity last Thursday morning and it just was restored yesterday afternoon. Our cable and Internet just repaired a few hours ago.

Thankfully we have a generator and a gas stove so we faired rather well. Kept warm, ate way too much, went snowshoeing and sledding,read, and took lots of pictures.

Ice Storm , while crazy with trees snapping and cracking all around you, still was beautiful encasing the fragile branches in glass-like ice.

Our landscaping took a beating and I lost one of my favorite trees.  I planted it when it was just a stick 7 years ago.

Before                                                                                                            After Ice Storm

Stayed warm and  read while the trees were falling all around me.

Night time was kind of romantic.


Then it started melting away …

So for now it’s throwing out food that has spoiled, restocking the fridge and doing laundry, cleaning up after all the destruction and  that, my friends, is going to take a while.

I hope to post soon with more of a Home Interior  theme, but for now in ‘ Keeping it Real’ this is where I’m at.

Thanks for reading.


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