Treasure Hunting

The sun was shining this morning and begged me to get out of the house. Snow was pretty much gone and the tug of an adventure outside these walls was too much for me to resist.

Started out heading to Gig Harbor to visit my daughter, made a little detour to Target. Found the most darling little sunshine yellow flower pillow.

So I bought it!

In Gig Harbor had a little visit with the grandkids and my daughter and she told me about this little place called Flea Market Chics in Bremerton.

So I decided to go there to check it out. I really wanted her to join me but she assured me the kiddos needed to nap and we would go together another time. So I drove off down the road alone , music blarring and sun shining. A bit too brisk to open the sunroof all the way but I just kept the heater at 75 degrees and the heated seats on.

Next stop Flea Market Chics. ( )

Cute little shop with repurposed painted furniture and vintage charm. Reasonably priced and tastefully displayed.

So here are my treasures from their little shop:

This painted vintage door with chalk board paint and fun old door knob. It’s in my kitchen nook for now .

I also found this large painted frame, love the patina and fun color, I will add a chalk board backing soon.

Then there was this funky finial or antique table leg piece. It was only $10 so I thought it had a little character and I could make it into a candle stick or lay it on it’s side and display photos in the slight crack that runs along the side. It just is fun and know I will find a place for it somewhere.

Whenever I get something new for my house it starts a whole house rearranging frenzie. Whatever it was that the new item replaced now needs a place and then when that item finds a new location something else has to be moved and so on and so on and so on. Yeah I’m thinking this weekend could be one of those times. I love it!

I had a blast’ Treasure Hunting’ today but next time I go I would love to go with a friend. Who’s game for a ‘Treasure Hunting Adventure’ ?

Have a great weekend…. I’ll be moving furniture.


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