Praying for Teagen

Sometimes you have to just stop what you’re doing and hold a baby.

That is what I did yesterday.

My daughter Brianna was in town taking Teagen to her 6 month check up and then took time to spend the rest of the day just relaxing at my house. I absolutly adore my grandkids and would do anything for them , if you are a grandparent you know what I mean. Teagen is our youngest grandchild and has a heart murmur , PDA type. (explanation here:

She has been to Children’s Hospital in Seattle for and echocardiogram in November and goes for a second one this next week. If the problem is still prominent they will continue to monitor, but surgery is a possiblity if the tube doesn’t close. I have no medical background and therefore my explanation of this is quite limited. All I know is her little heart may require surgery before she is 1 year old and that is of concern to our family.

She is little and precious and we love her so very much.

So if you have time today or in the days before February 9th could you pray for our next appointment to Children’s that the murmur is healed or if God choses to answer another way for wisdom for the Doctors and a safe surgery and quick recovery for Teagen? This Grammie and her family would be forever grateful.

She had four immunizations yesterday as well so I was lucky to get even a few pictures of her since she wasn’t feeling too happy.

Jesus loves the little children this I know for the Bible tells me so….

Thank you for your prayers.


3 thoughts on “Praying for Teagen

  1. Teagan, I’m a 41 year old friend of your mommy and Grammie, and I had open heart surgery at age 4. I will be praying for you! (Actually, I have already when I first saw that this may be an issue for you)
    ~and let me tell you, if they could fix a “broken in heart” in 1975, they can surely do it it 2012!


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