Today I am up early and heading to Seattle to go to Children’s Hospital with Brianna for Teagen’s echocardiogram. I hope to post about that tomorrow. Your prayers are greatly appreciated for our little Teagen.

This week we are still cleaning up after the ice storm of a few weeks ago. Branches and trees are down everywhere and it looks like tornado went through in some areas. With that said I kept thinking ‘What a waste to let some of these graceful branches end up in a burn pile or shredder”. So I got to thinking….

I love birch trees. I am drawn to their white bark and texture of the branches. I found some that had broken off in the storm and Larry hauled them to our deck for me so I could try and use them as interior accents. I admire the ones I have seen in Pottery Barn, Ethan Allan and other home interior stores and have always wanted to try and bring some of that indoors in my own home.

So I went to work trimming the branches of the small twigs and cutting them down so I could get them inside my house.

Before :



Still deciding but think I like them.

Ethan Allan

I think I will live with them for a few days before I make a final decision. They may end up in a different room or I may decide to find some more. That’s how I roll.

Make it a great day!


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