First Sign of Spring

I know Spring doesn’t arrive until next month, March 20 to be precise, however I noticed an early sign of it today.

Didn’t even know that they were close to blooming. What a wonderful suprise after all that snow last month.

They were entangled in my lemon thyme which smells wonderful by the way. I love it that herbs like thyme and oregano are so hardy and make it through the winter here. There isn’t much else blooming or getting new tender green leaves but I’ll enjoy each little change as new life starts to emerge from the cold winter ground.

Maybe I can even start the Spring makeover inside too. I have some pillows and pictures I am eager to get out in anticipation of the next season. I’ve been holding out until after Valentine’s Day to start anything new or afresh. Starting to get antsy now to lighten things up.

I did print off this little sign I found on Pinterest . Last year I saw it on a linen pillow at Pottery Barn. Feel free to copy and print for your own personal use as well.

Hope you are able to copy and print this. I haven’t included printables before so let me know if this works please so I can continue to post in this manner if it works. I think you can just click on the image and copy and print. At least I hope so.

So as we emerge from the darkness of winter and look to brighter days of Spring let’s stop and take notice of the little gifts God gives us in this next season. I am so glad for the change of seasons we have here in the Pacific Northwest. Each one has it’s purpose and lasts just long enough so that we are ready for the next one.

I will keep you posted as my house gets it’s Spring makeover. I have some little projects I want to share and hope to inspire you to bring a little Spring to your home decor as well.

Have a great day… I am heading out to see if pussy willows are ready yet.



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