A Rainy Day Project

So it is raining like crazy at the moment and I want to start a project, but I am not sure which one of the many on my ‘to do list’ I want to tackle.

To Do:

*Paint massonite for chalkboard, frame is ready

*Get out Spring pillows and throws for living room and redo decor

*Blog about all the various ways I’ve decorated my entry

*Repaint chalkboard door( seems like it could use a little touch up)

*I have a moss letter project ready to go

*Eat chocolate (check… already did that)

*Replace pictures in my photo gallery wall… redo totally . I have some other things to add.

*Put Spring bedding on guest bed and redo the room with the fresh decor I have.

These are my fun to do’s . I have another list of ‘not so fun to do’s’. You have them to,the things that you are never finished doing, like laundry, cleaning, cooking, paying bills, the usual.


I could share this little project with you that I did a while back. I had an old glass door knob from Larry’s grandparents house.



It was just laying on a shelf in the laundry room. I love the way the clear glass knob turned lavender over the years, but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. The base was probably brass and I thought it looked about the same color as a metal clothes hanger… LIGHT BULB!

So I cut a section out of the clothes hanger with a pair of wire cutters.


Then I used my jewelry pliers to bend the wire into some loops.



Then twisted the base of the two ends together and put it inside the end of the door knob. Voila’! Picture holder.




Kind of cute hunh?

Now hopefully I can get motivated enough to one of the other fun projects on my ‘to do ‘ list this weekend. Unless it happens to be sunny then I will be outside checking out my greenhouse and getting ready to build raised garden beds.  Ahhhh …Spring is just around the corner.

Have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “A Rainy Day Project

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    • Oh You made my day! Thanks so much for featuring me on your favorites page. I will be sure and put a link to your blog on mine:)

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