Maybe it’s because Spring is just around the corner and we are trying to get our garden plans in order, but I have been thinking about seeds alot lately.

We purchased seeds for the garden in anticipation of starting plants early in our greenhouse.

 We still have plenty of preparation to do to get the raised beds constructed and filled with soil, but we are getting ready.

Some of the seeds are so small you think they will fall through your fingers and never be planted where you intend them to be. Others like the beans and pumpkins are large enough to place just where you want them to go in the row or hill of fine dirt.

I’m wondering as I look at these seeds , what kind of seeds am I planting in those people I share life with? Am I encouraging, loving and sincere and planting seeds of hope and trust in the God I love? Are my seeds randomly falling between my fingers and being planted in lives of others I don’t even know? Are my seeds intentional or spontanious allowing myself to plant those seeds of God’s love and life in Christ in others as I make myself available to Him? Or do I plant seeds that are weeds and of no value , not edifying but blocking out the sun (Son)?

What kind of seeds are you planting in those around you? Your children, spouse , friends, the person who does your dry cleaning. the clerk at Costco, the teller at the bank, the person in the desk next to yours, the co-worker you eat lunch with?

The other day I was getting granola out to sprinkle some on my yogurt( trying to eat healthy), and this was on the inside flap of the box.

While not out of the bible it had a truth that resinated with me.

Enjoy the sun today . I may go sit in the greenhouse, it’s almost 70 degrees in there and I can fill the warmth of the sun in spite of the on 40 degrees on the outside.

Have a great Monday.


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