Books in Home Decor

I love to use books in decorating. I use them to add height to an object, texture or color to a space and interest on a coffee table.

I am particularly fond of old books. Love the history in the way the pages turn yellow and their covers age.

Here are a few examples in my home:

Other examples:

Check out the bird cage.


In baskets:Sawyer Console Table

Avery Drop-Leaf Console Table

Metropolitan Long Console Table

Books aren’t just for reading they can be a great enhancement to your home decorating scheme.

Prop It Up — Stack three books on a side table to use as a raised display area. Set a lamp, sculpture, urn, or plant (in a waterproof cache pot) on top of the books. This is a great way to raise another accessory that may be too short as well as create some interest in a display.

Sometimes the books you use give a little peak into your own personal interest and travels. Sometime I buy books at the Goodwill just because I like the color of the cover and need to tuck a little pop of it in a certain area. They are inexpensive and useful. So get those books out of storage and find a place to stack them in your home to add a little history or color.

Happy Decorating!


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