Burlap Wreath Tutorial


Burlap is back! It’s texture and neutral color make it appeal to both contemporary and  vintage decorating styles, as well as everything in between. I have used it as a table runner, lamp shades and now a wreath in my own home decor.

I have seen something similar done before but in my efforts to make my own wreath it turned out slightly different so I will share my tutorial . We all have our own touch on a craft we take on and so making it our own rendition. I am sure if you make this yours too will look slightly different depending on the size you make your loops and if you embellish it or not.

Burlap Wreath:

Supplies : 1 roll burlap ribbon, purchased at Michael’s crafts store for $4.99 or if you have 40% off coupon only      $2.99. Also 1 wire wreath frame, mine was 12″ and cost $2.49. Total for project =$5.58

Making the wreath:

Make a small loop and come up through the the bottom of the wire wreath. Leave a few inches of the burlap end on the very first loop to tuck in when finished so it doesn’t unravel.

Repeat the loops going back and forth across all three rows of wire in the wreath.

Continue until you’ve gone all the way around the wreath and are back where you started.Adjust loops for fullness as  you go. Tuck ends in the back and wrap around the wire frame to finish off.

It only took about 30 minutes and was so easy and inexpensive. I may be making some for gifts as it was so fun and quick.

I really like it without any extra imbelishments but since Easter is just a few weeks away I decide to add a little Springy touch.

For Easter :

I think it would look really cute this summer with starfish and beach touches, so I didn’t glue anything down so I could change it later.

I do believe this is a no fail craft project and hope you enjoy making your own version.

Have a blessed day!


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Add a Hint of Coral

I am partial to the color blue in my home decor, but I have been known to experiment with others from time to time.

Spring green has been another favorite and it too graces my home on a regular basis.

However for some reason this year I was drawn to add the color coral into the mix. While orange and tangerine are this seasons hot color trend they can be a bit bright for my neutral palet. So I played with the color in the more subtle tone of coral.

I have used it in small doses as a fresh change of pace and bit of sunshine.

Rolled paper flowers so fun and so simple.( tutorial: http://jonesdesigncompany.com/flowers/rolled-paper-flowers-tutorial/ )

You can never have too many tulips and they come in the most delicious color of coral.

Maybe you’d like to pop a little coral into your color scheme, it seems to go with just about every other color. For example pair it with blue, lime green, gray, yellow, or aqua. It is such a ‘happy’ color you can’t help but smile when you add a dash of it somewhere.

Try it and have fun breaking out of your usual color scheme for a little while.

( coral bowl and area rug found at West Elm)

What’s your accent color of the season? I’d love to know what you’re having fun with in your home Spring

Make it a great day!


Front Entry

Your front entry is the first thing guest see when they come to your home. It should be welcoming and inviting . When I decorate my entry I try to look at it like I am the guest and ask myself” Would I feel warmth and hospitality from the first impression?”

Many times the front door has a wreath adorning it and while that is lovely,I have a glass door and sometimes a wreath blocks the light coming through to the inside of my foyer. So this year I opted for an arrangement that greets you at the base of the door.

Today I am linking up with http://southernhospitalityblog.com/fresh-spring-floral-door-bucket/ to share my front entry. It has changed slightly a few times already this spring as I play with the arrangement. I will share some of them with you.

I like a mixture of garden item and candles to grace my doorstep and welcome my friends.


Lanterns are everywhere you shop and a wonderful additon to the entry . In the evening I light the candle and a gentle fragrance greets my guest as well as the added glow of the flame. You could use those new battery candles as well, some even come with remotes or a timer.


I tried the flower cart but it was just a bit too much so I moved it to the greenhouse and went back to the doorstep arrangement.




It doesn’t have to be elaborate to create that inviting greeting , just enough to evoke a cheerful welcome.

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Take Time to Chase a Butterfly

It only takes a couple of warm sunny days in a row for the first blossoms on the trees and wild flowers to start appearing.

I had a little fun with my camera this weekend taking pictures around our place.

We had some of the grandkiddos here and spent most of the time playing and exploring outside. They love to trample through the trails and climb on stumps and logs so we had a blast just being together. I asked them if they wanted to go to a park after church and Canyon( my 5 year old grandson) said” No , Grammie, I’d rather just stay at your house and play outside”. He’s a joy to my heart, well they all are, but he says the sweetest things. So we did just that and we had a great time around our place. They are happiest with simple things and just your time and attention.

Sometimes we can get so busy with the work to be done that we forget to just stop and play. I think that is one of the reasons why God gives us grandkids. They make you take time to snuggle, read a story, walk a trail , chase a butterfly, pick a flower, find a bug or salamander, laugh until your sides hurt and sing a silly song. We did all of that and more this weekend.

I thank God everyday for the little ones He has blessed our family with they bring us more joy than they will ever know.

I pray you take some time soon and just see the day through the eyes of a child and be blessed as you slow down and study the petals of a flower or the wings of a butterfly. Believe me it will be so worth it.

Make the most of this Monday!


Found Them!

Another craigslist find.. WhooHoo! Just what I wanted for $10 and a little fuel to meet the lady selling both of them.

The little one I have had , but the large one  I purchased from craigslist as well.

They will be a charming addition to my garden and greenhouse. Now if the sun would just stay out a while so I can get out there and finish what I’ve started.

I would like to find a little cart to add to the whole outdoor theme. Something like this:

Pinned ImageI

I have an old radio flyer wagon similar to this :

Pinned Image

Other outdoor carts I like:

Vintage Garden Wheelbarrow

So I will be on the search for one of these beauties and let me know if you spot one in your treasure hunting adventures.

Have a great first weekend of Spring!


Watering Cans

I am on a mission to find a couple of galvanized metal watering cans for my garden, deck and greenhouse. I thought it would be such an easy item to find. It appears I was wrong. New ones I find are painted with some cutesy pattern or plastic, NOT what I’m looking for.

So I guess I need to start going to garage sales or flea markets to find my treasured watering can.

This is what I am looking for:


Large Vintage Tin Watering Can - NO 12 - Copper Spigot - Treasury Item

French Watering Cans

If you have one and would like to part with it I am interest, I just don’t want to spend much.  For my friends and family ,if you see a inexpensive one at a garage sale or somewhere let me know or grab it for me. My gardening mode is kicking in big time and this is on my list.

Water Can Wednesday! Let’s find one!


Spring is Here

Today is the first day of Spring and that brings the hope of warmer days along with flowers and trees budding with new life.

A new season, a fresh start, more daylight hours and perhaps a little more sunshine.

Feel free to copy this picture or use as your computer background , my Spring gift to you.

Happy first day of Spring!


Spring Mantel

While the calendar indicates tomorrow is the first day of Spring , I have been in Spring-mode for the past month. Unfortunately the weather here has not been reflecting the change of season as much as one would have hoped for by now. Still I try to tell myself anyday now it will be above 60 degrees and NOT snowing.

So I will keep Springifying the inside of my home while I wait for warmer days to work outside.

Layla over at http://theletteredcottage.net/ is planning to host a link party for Spring mantel makeovers beginning tomorrow. http://theletteredcottage.net/spring-fling-link-parties/

I had decorated mine a few weeks ago when I finished painting the chalkboards. It remains neutral in it’s color scheme but fits the rest of the room’s decor.

Since I have the mirror over the mantel I don’t feel the need to over accessorize, but love to change to reflect the seasons or a special event by adding a few things. Also having a mirror there means when I try to photograph my mantel, if I the shot isn’t from just the right angle you get to see my kitchen and whatever happens to be laying out on the counter..oops. That happened more times than I care to admit.

Here are some of the other options for the mantel I experimented with:

Either way it looks much better in reality than it photographs.

This weekend between rain showers I moved the flower cart to the greenhouse and redid the entry.. Again.  Yes it’s been said I have “Obsessive Compulsive Decorating”, OCD sort of. I worked in a couseling office recently and a pyschiatrist , whom is now a sweet friend, and I decided this must be my condition. I can live with that. I even had to fluff the waiting room pillows when I was there to redecorate her office.

Anyway…. here is the flower cart in the greenhouse:

And the entry.. for the moment:

More indoor Springyness:

Signs that Spring is tying to manifest itself around here:

Be sure to check out all the Spring mantel ideas over at http://theletteredcottage.net/ tomorrow.

Happy last day of Winter! Whoo Hoo!


The Lettered Cottage

‘HOME’ Printable

Yesterday I was feeling zapped of energy and starting to get a sore throat so I spent alot of time surfing the web. I came across this fun free printable to download and place in a frame. I will share the web link with you :http://eighteen25.blogspot.com/2011/05/filler-print.html so you can have your own copy.

So cute and you can choose from a variety of different font colors. You can either print it off on your home printer or download and save to have Costco print for you.

Thanks Ladies at www.eighteen25.blogspot.com .


Flower Cart and Garden Phase 1

Today I would like to share my latest Craigslist find, a little iron flower cart. I bought to go into the greenhouse, but for now it is nestled out by our front door.

Not a bad find for $40. It is really heavy and has a beautiful weathered patina.

The weather went from 64 degrees last Thursday to stormy with hail and snow this weekend so some of our outdoor projects had to wait.

One project we could move to the garage was the construction of our raised garden beds.

The plan was to build 4 raised beds, 4’x8′ and 15″ high and made from 2″x6″ and 2″X4″ cedar boards. We used 4″x4″ corner posts for stablitiy in the corners and plan to add copper solar post lights on some of them. My handy husband built them this past weekend between hail and snow storms. The ground still needs to be leveled before we fill them with soil, but I will share pictures of phase 1.

The garden siteThe garden site. Picture taken last week when it looked like Spring was here.

cedar boards for 4 raised bedsThe building materials.

The processThe construction process begins.

one down 3 more to goOne bed done, 3 more to go.

Then this !

Now for the greenhouse……

A friend gave me this sweet little candle chandelier and bistro set that is the inspiration for how the greenhouse is going from a nursery for seedlings to a garden retreat. I ordered some black and white cabana stripe fabric to make some cushions for the chairs. Also chose some yellow polka dot for a splash of color. Stay tuned for that reveal when I finish making them.

Here is the greenhouse presently waiting for a sunny day and all the finishing touches to come:

These are the outdoor fabrics I am waiting to arrive:


Now we wait for warmer days to finish what we started. Future post will share the completed project and I hope it turns out as planned.

Waiting for Spring!