New Fountain

I am eager to start getting my flower beds in order, raised garden beds built and seeds started in the greenhouse, but it is still freezing some nights here in the Pacific Northwest. On a sunny day we get our hopes up that it will be safe to begin the process but then we get hit the next day with a blast of Artic air and everything freezes.

Case in point, in my eagerness to get the outside Spring-ified I purchased a water fountain this last week from Costco. I had been wanting something to fill this space by the front door where I have hydrageas, lavendar,boxwood and usually add a few annuals for color once it gets warm enough. I thought the fountain went well with the style of the house seemed simple enough to assemble.

After getting the ground level I put it together and added the needed amount of water to see how it worked. Viola ! It bubbled over and the little LED light came on and I was pleased. I am sure the space will look better when the hydrageas get their leaves and the other flowers are added, but it is a start.

I would love a waterfeature for our back yard someday, but I’d like that to be more of the pondless waterfall type. Dreaming big on that one as it will be alot more expensive and not a one day project. Still I think it would be amazing.

Here are other waterfeatures and fountains to inspire you ( and me).

Pinned Image

My dream waterfeature:

Pinned Image

I am not giving up on the idea of the waterfall feature and hope to make it happen at somepoint but in the meantime I will enjoy my little bubbling Costco fountain.

Sun is shining today and has revealed my window are needing to be washed. I see toddler handprints from the weekend of kids here. Tempting to just enjoy their little prints on the glass, but the clean freak in will be removing them.

Have a great day!


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