Burlap Wreath Tutorial


Burlap is back! It’s texture and neutral color make it appeal to both contemporary and  vintage decorating styles, as well as everything in between. I have used it as a table runner, lamp shades and now a wreath in my own home decor.

I have seen something similar done before but in my efforts to make my own wreath it turned out slightly different so I will share my tutorial . We all have our own touch on a craft we take on and so making it our own rendition. I am sure if you make this yours too will look slightly different depending on the size you make your loops and if you embellish it or not.

Burlap Wreath:

Supplies : 1 roll burlap ribbon, purchased at Michael’s crafts store for $4.99 or if you have 40% off coupon only      $2.99. Also 1 wire wreath frame, mine was 12″ and cost $2.49. Total for project =$5.58

Making the wreath:

Make a small loop and come up through the the bottom of the wire wreath. Leave a few inches of the burlap end on the very first loop to tuck in when finished so it doesn’t unravel.

Repeat the loops going back and forth across all three rows of wire in the wreath.

Continue until you’ve gone all the way around the wreath and are back where you started.Adjust loops for fullness as  you go. Tuck ends in the back and wrap around the wire frame to finish off.

It only took about 30 minutes and was so easy and inexpensive. I may be making some for gifts as it was so fun and quick.

I really like it without any extra imbelishments but since Easter is just a few weeks away I decide to add a little Springy touch.

For Easter :

I think it would look really cute this summer with starfish and beach touches, so I didn’t glue anything down so I could change it later.

I do believe this is a no fail craft project and hope you enjoy making your own version.

Have a blessed day!


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19 thoughts on “Burlap Wreath Tutorial

  1. this looks pretty easy – maybe I could even do this one! Thanks for sharing – I “hopped” over from Thrifty Decorating – would love it if you could come visit me! (I’m also your newest follower!)
    Thanks and Hugs –

    • Thanks Pamela 🙂
      I took a second this morning and did just that.
      Also added your button to my link.
      Thanks for the invite.

  2. If you just pushing a loop though, what keeps it from unraveling? I guess i don’t quite get it. Maybe it’s simpler than I think

    • Hi Miranda,
      I found that the wire held the loops in firmly enough. The wreath is hanging and doesn’t get handled.
      Mine has held firm since the burlap is fairly stiff and has enough bulk.
      I left enough material at the end to weave across the back to keep it in place. Hope that helps:)

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  4. How wide is the burlap you used? And again, let me ask Rebecca’s question again. Once you have done your first three loops, how do you move to the second group of three? if you use loop 1, 2, 3, on the first row, do you come back to loop 1 to start the second group of three?

    • HI LInda,
      I bought the burlap ribbon at Michaels. It’s 5″ wide and on a roll that is 15′. I went to1,2,3, and then 2,1 and 2,3 then2,1 ect…. It’s been a while but after looking at the wreath, that is what I did.

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