Spring Break Escape

We got home last night from a much needed sunny get away in Southern California. The weather was perfect for the week we were there and we took advantage of it and spent most of the time hiking , bike riding and enjoying the beautiful beaches of Newport, Corona del Mar and Crystal Cove.

I didn’t want to haul my camera( Nikon D60) around on this vacation since I knew we would be pretty active and so all my pictures are via my iPhone. Not the greatest but it captured our adventure fine.

I love the beach and would have been happy with my toes in the sand all day and we made it a point to do plenty of that.

We didn’t bother to get a rental car and chose to walk everywhere. I think we logged in about forty walking /biking miles in 5 days. We walked from our hotel to Balboa Island and Newport Beach one day. I enjoyed all the beautiful homes and my husband drooled over all the luxury cars.


We saw dolphins from the shore and that was a highlight for me.

We got a glimpse of how the rich and famous live. Pelican Hills an exclusive gated community doesn’t contain a house with less than 10,000 sq ft. and is home to many a celebrity. I admired the architecture and fine landscaping but honestly couldn’t relate to their lifestyle.

Homes along the beachfront were just as amazing. Many private homes were the size of some luxury resorts.

There were a few quaint homes to be found :

All in all it was a great Spring Break Escape and we came back tan and refreshed.

The sunsets were beautiful from our friends home in Corona del Mar.

Ahhhhhh… back to reality today , and the rain. The much needed break did boost my mood and I’m looking forward to getting my garden planted and incoporating some of the ideas of the beautiful homes I saw around here.

Check back as I share some of my ideas modified for those of us less rich or famous than the residents of Newport Beach.

Keeping it real,


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