Stairway Upgrade

Lately I have been so busy with family things I haven’t had a second to get my thoughts together to blog. Seems it was farther down the list of priorities this past week . I have a few projects that I plan to share but they are still a work in progress so I thought I would share a home improvement project we did before I started blogging.

Our stairs are the first thing you see when you open our front door and I had never liked the way the looked. The newel post looked cheap and the spindles were so-so. Since we have  warm wood trim in our home painting wasn’t an option for me and wouldn’t have changed the construction aspects and that is what I didn’t like. We hired the gentleman that did our trim work when the house was built, yes we tracked him down as we knew he could match stain and was a great craftsman. It didn’t cost all that much but the impact was well worth it.

Stairway before:

After the spindles were replace with iron and new newel posts:

I think the changes added character and richness to our home and I like the look of the stairway so much more now.

While we had our craftsman around we had him trim out our bathroom mirrors. Here is a picture of the Master bathroom before and after:

After adding the trim work

They seemed like simple changes with huge impact. It always amazes me what adding detail and milwork will do for a room. I eventually would love to add some wainscotting and other trim around our home. Here are some other ideas I hope to impelment someday.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Maybe this is the weekend  you take time to attack that project you’ve been putting off. Wouldn’t it feel great to check it off your “to do” list?

Have a great weekend.



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