What I’ve Been Up to Lately

Seems like I sort of fell off the grid for a while and haven’t sat down to blog for a few weeks. So pardon me while I ramble and try to catch up.

The garden is up and going with peas, beets, spinach, lettuce (  a few different varieties), potatoes, artichokes, planted in the raised beds. In the greenhouse, tomatoes , peppers, squash of 3 kinds and 2 types of pumpkins are getting their starts. Had a little mouse problem, but I put some wire mesh down at the base of the greenhouse floor and haven’t had a visit from them since.

Peas starting to sprout:

 Greenhouse is my plant nursery at the moment:

Clothes pins work great for plant markers, inexpensive and hold down a bit of plastic if I need to cover a pot to speed germination.


The squash and tomatoes need to wait for warmer days to be planted outside, sometime this month if the sun shows up more often.

Also when we start getting warmer nights I can plant the beans in the raised beds. The garden is filling up and if the slugs would find other places to munch I may be eating lettuce in a few weeks. I plan to plant the squash and pumpkins on a slope we have so they can sprawl out and cover the ground. They would have taken up too much space in the raised beds and from the looks of the starts I have ,providing they produce well, I will be sharing with family and friends.

It will be fun to see if all this hard work pays off and we get fresh, organic produce to enjoy this summer and fall. How’s your garden going? Depending on where you live and the weather conditions you may be well ahead of mine . I’m just waiting on the sun and some warmer days to see things really start growing.

Happy Gardening!


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