Garden, It’s All About the Soil

I must admit I am a novice at gardening. I have dabbled in it off and on but just for fun and to enjoy fresh veggies through the summer. My in-laws however have more of a ‘produce for the year’ type garden, with enough to can, freeze and share with others. Their soil is rich and seeds and plants thrive. The soil where we live is rocky and I am told from glaciers many years ago. We even find rocks with fossilized shells in them once in a while, proof this land my home sits on was once part of the sound and underwater.

Hence we have raised beds to control the quality of the soil and avoid planting on rocky ground. We started planting a few weeks ago and had a few set backs due to mild frost a few mornings last week. Here is how it looked this morning:

It is way behind my in-laws garden with their rich soil , but it’s growing.

This past Sunday our Pastor Jon Cobler and his darling wife Fawn shared from Matthew 13 and the parable of the sower. How appropriate with all this planting and gardening going on. Many things spoke to my heart from what was shared. Funny how you’ve read passages before but each time a new truth speaks to your heart and you see something in a new light. Proof again that God’s word is the Living Word, appropriate for each new day, as much today as when it was written.

One of the main things I have been pondering is that when the farmer went out to sow his seeds, it wasn’t the seed that was different in how the crop grew , but it was all about the soil. Same seed, different soil produced fruit or withered and died. The seed is the Word of God and the soil is me or my heart. God’s Word is the same , presentation may vary, but it is the condition of my heart that takes it in and determines whether it grows, changes me , draws me closer to Him or dries up and withers away.

I want to be rich , tender soil ready to let the seeds of God’s Word sink deep and establish steady roots that will weather the storms of life. That takes pulling weeds and watering daily. I love what Fawn shared about the weeds, they are the distractions of this world. Those are the things the ‘world ‘ cares about and we get caught up in and they distract and entangle us, choking out the life God would have for us. Can you tell this word hit my heart this week?

Take time to read Matthew 13 and see what truths, seeds, God wants to plant in you today.

God Bless you today for taking a minute with Him.



Living Water Church, Olympia , WA

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