Baseball Treats

So baseball is in full swing around here. My husband is playing on the church softball team, and he is 20 years older than the rest of the men on the roster and loving it. Go BABY! Don’t you love it when you do things that make you feel young ?

My grandson , Canyon just finished his first t-ball season. Cutest thing ever to watch him slide at every base as he takes his turn. Every hit is a home run at that age. He is really into it and has serious atheltic potential. This makes his baseball Papa very proud.

Isn’t he the cutest baseball player ever? I think so.

I just had to share the t-ball treats my daughter made for his teams last game snack. Baseball rice crispy treats!

Way to go Summer! Such a simple cute idea I just had to share. I have such talented , creative daughters!

So ‘Batter Up” and make some for your ball player, young or old, they will love it! Maybe even a great addition to your Father’s Day menu.


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