A BiG WhOoPs! and Needed Prayers

In my endeavor to start this blog I decided to use WordPress’s free option and in doing so it does limit the amount of storage space you have available for media files ( media library). Well I noticed that since I started this blog in January I had gotten close to using 50% of the media storage for pictures. Some of the pictures in the media library I hadn’t even used in the post but had downloaded so they would be available as I wrote my blog. In my effort to create space for new pictures to be downloaded I decided to delete used and unused photos from the media library. I assumed they would remain viewable in the blog post however even though they weren’t in storage. I even deleted a few and checked the blog were they were used and they were still there.

Evidently I was wrong, (sad, frustrated face to be inserted here). So I deleted about 350 pictures and then noticed that some of my older posts pictures were no longer shown in the blog.

If you are viewing a post and wish to have me add the pictures , please comment and I will try and replace them. I have tried to repair the most viewed and current posts, but would rather focus on writing new ones than repairing rarely viewed pages.

So live and learn I guess, but what a bummer.


I hesitate to use this blog in this way but on the other hand I could really use your prayers for my Mom.

My mom is in the hospital with very serious pneumonia and she also has had MS for many years. She is in fragile condition and we are praying she will recover. So far she is struggling so your prayers are really appreciated. We know our God can work miracles and we need one now.

Thanks for following me and I hope to get back on track with tutorials and decorating ideas in the next few weeks , but Mom is my focus at the moment.



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