Keepsake Box Tutorial

This past week my little granddaughter Sage turned 4. She is a fiesty, spunky,sassy, funny,adorable little bundle of girlie-ness.

She loves jewelry! All sorts of crazy bobbles and bling. Her Mommy is a Noonday Ambassador( and maybe she comes by the obsession genetically. If you haven’t heard of Noonday, please take a moment and check it out, such a worthwhile and beautiful collection. Anyway little Miss Sage inspired me to make her a little keepsake box for all her jewels and treasures.

I started of with a little wooden box from Michael’s Crafts($2.99 used my 40% off coupon ) and a precut black wooden letter ‘S’ ($2.99).

I used acrylic paint to match her bedroom decor and added some scapbook paper flowers decopodged on the lid. Inside I added a little more decopodged scapbook paper and a small picture frame with a recent photo of us together.

I tucked a little silver ring inside a small velvet ring box to be her first treasure in her new keepsake box.

She loved it and it was really fun to personalize for my sweet little Sage.

She melts me! Happy 4th Birthday sweet little Miss Sage.You are LOVED!



A Caribbean Party

This last Saturday a friend of mine hosted her annual summer party for friends and colleagues. In the past she has used a Hawaiian luau theme complete with kaula pig and athentic Hawaiian muscians. This year she branched out a bit and went with more of a Caribbean flair.

Since I have plenty of beach items at my house I was more than happy to help her pull the decorations together. While remaining tropical, like Hawaii, we made a few changes to try and recreate a somewhat more Caribbean island feel. Tiki torches lined the perimeter of the lawn, steel drum band played island music, a menu of Jamican Jerk chicken and fresh fruit filled the buffet table, and rum punch was plentiful.The mood was set. Guest arrived in bright tropical attire to complete the ambience.

Brightly colored flowers added to the theme, as well as blue glass jems, seashells  sand, and tropical fish that swam in little fish bowls and among the floral arrangements.

I actually place a vase inside a lager vase and created a space between the two , filled the space with water and place one of the fish inside to swim around the flower arrangement. It added interest and was life to the centerpiece. However it didn’t photograph the best so not sure you can tell from this picture.

The weather was perfect and the islands in the distance glowed as the sun set filling the sky with a soft peach -pink hue.

Hope these pictures inspire you to add a little Caribbean Island flair to your next outdoor party.



This summer we haven’t played as much as we should have so we skipped out of town for a few days to spend some time in Seaside Oregon with some of our kids and grandkids.The weather was perfect! We must have been blessed with the warmest days of the summer and it was HOT even at the beach.

We loaded up our cars with kids, beach toys, towels and enough food to make most of the meals for 4 days were away.After a few Starbucks stops and a quick stop at a grocery store for a couple of things we didn’t have room in the ice chest for we were at the beach house.

We all pitched in and unloaded the cars quickly and gathered enough snacks and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for little wave jumpers and then we hit the beach.

The kids had a blast and even when their little feet were numb from jumping waves in the cold ocean they stayed in the water until we called them in to go back to the cottage.

Evening were filled with logs burning in the firepit and gooey marshmellowy s’mores.

The sunsets always take my breath away and remind of how majestic our creator is to display such beauty for us to enjoy.

I am so thankful for those few days of fun and refreshment. I hope we will be able to play a bit more before the changing of the seasons and enjoy these sunny days of summer before the fall chill starts to shorten the days.