Window Trim Project Update

Have you ever started a project and then it creates another project and another project…. and on and on…….? Well that has been the case with my idea to add some more detailed trim to our home.

First having the front columns redone and while that was fantastic in the construction , they then needed to be painted and calked and while we were at it noticed other areas in our front entry that need some attention, like gaps that needed calking and areas that just needed repair. So far the columns are painted and the rest of the entry is waiting for touch up paint. I will say more about that in a moment.


Now on to the window trim. While it took our contractor a bit longer due to weather and a change in how the bay window was to be addressed it turned out nice enough. Now came the time to paint the trim and siding that was replaced and also surrounding areas. Trim no problem, paint matched and went on like a breeze. Our siding color however…. not so easy. After living here 7 years and maybe initially the painters didn’t apply the paint very thick, and the fact that our paint color was discontinued(which they still have the color formula so it should match right?) and the company reformulated the base, needless to say it didn’t look exactly the same going on. It appeared lighter and so minor touch up of the calked areas made it look like some sort of camo/ splotchy disaster. Not happy! We waited a week to see if the humidity and temperature were affecting drying time and hoping it would blend it. Didn’t happen. So we ( I say we but I mean my dear husband since I can’t reach most of the areas and he is a much better painter than I), are in the process of repainting the entire deck area. Yeah, not what we planned to do for this simple “touch -up ” project.  So the entry will likely have to be painted more extensively than we had anticipated. ARG!

So here is the window trim project and the area around the deck we are working on:

Before :










We’re getting there slowly but surely. We are not planning to paint the entire house at this point and hoping we can hold off for a few more years before we tackle that. As for now we just want to finish this phase and enjoy the rest of the summer without any more house projects. Is that even possible? We shall see.

Make it a great day!