Vintage Travel Theme


For the past few months I have been working on a project with a vintage travel theme. I have hunted down vintage luggage, globes, maps and travel paraphernalia. I have more ideas than I can incorporate but it is all starting to come together.

Pinterest is inspiring with it’s abundance of creative suggestions. However with vintage  items I can’t just run to the store and purchase what I need or want, instead I spend my time searching garage and yard sales as well as family attics for treasures that fit the theme. I have been repurposing found items and crafting some of my own to pull it all together. I am still working on this endeavor but I thought I would share what I have so far.




IMG_6656 IMG_6674


travelvintage travel2 vintage travel3

License Plate Wall Sign

The map covered letters ‘TRAVEL’ at the top of this post are available at World Market for $69.99. I think I will be doing my own version of these with the maps I have.

I hope to share some of my repurposing and crafts in future post, for example I am in the process of painting a road on canvas and it is turning out pretty well so far.

I think the theme would make a great office, family room or boy’s room décor. From the looks of things on Pinterest it has been  a common wedding theme as well.

I will post about the completed project after the event in November.

In the meantime if you have any old die cast cars or airplanes you would like to part with I would be interested as well old globes or travel books. This is a non-profit event and donations of such items would be fantastic.

Off  to finish painting my road !



Not Quite Ready for Fall….Mantel #1

Seems like everyone is posting about Fall and sharing inspiring projects and I am still here hanging on to Summer as long as I can. As a matter of fact the forecast is for 91 degrees today so to me it’s still Summer until the weather changes.
I did take a walk on our trails today and grabbed a few branches from the hazelnut trees. They always seem to lose their leaves first and show the first signs Fall.
So I succumbed to easing into the season change and did a quick mantel decorating. Believe me this will last 2 weeks tops, but I am just not ready for pumpkins and such yet.
So here is my quick fall mantel with things I had on hand :






Now out to lay in the sun !

Drying Hydrangeas


Well it has been a busy summer around here and blogging has been low on the list of priorities for me. I hope to pick up where I left off and post more often.

This is the time of year where I want to hold on to a little bit of summer for a while longer and one way I do that is by drying some of my hydrangeas. I have found this is the best time of the year for easy and successful preservation of the lush blooms.

I have many colors and varieties in my yard and they change color as the weather cools and days become shorter. From vibrant blue to shades of green and lavender they hang heavy on the stems.

DSC_0029 DSC_0027 DSC_0026 DSC_0025 DSC_0023


I start by choosing blossoms that have been blooming for a while. I have found that new tender blossoms don’t dry and just shrivel up. They even start to dry on the plant if conditions are right. I cut the stem long enough to fit into my chosen container and remove the majority of the leaves if not all of them.




Once the leaves are removed I place the stems in small amount of water. As the water evaporates the hydrangeas dry out and they last and last. I toss them when they get dusty or I am ready to replace them with something else. DSC_0043




So easy and beautiful too !


PS: I saw they were selling a 3 stem bunch of vintage looking hydrangeas blossoms (same as I have shown here ) for $14.99 at Whole Foods. I think cutting and drying your own is a much better value, like say” FREE”. If you don’t have them in your yard stop and ask a neighbor who has a shrub bursting with blossoms if you can snip a couple, who knows they might just be flattered you think their flowers are worth preserving and share their bounty with you.