Vintage Travel Theme


For the past few months I have been working on a project with a vintage travel theme. I have hunted down vintage luggage, globes, maps and travel paraphernalia. I have more ideas than I can incorporate but it is all starting to come together.

Pinterest is inspiring with it’s abundance of creative suggestions. However with vintage  items I can’t just run to the store and purchase what I need or want, instead I spend my time searching garage and yard sales as well as family attics for treasures that fit the theme. I have been repurposing found items and crafting some of my own to pull it all together. I am still working on this endeavor but I thought I would share what I have so far.




IMG_6656 IMG_6674


travelvintage travel2 vintage travel3

License Plate Wall Sign

The map covered letters ‘TRAVEL’ at the top of this post are available at World Market for $69.99. I think I will be doing my own version of these with the maps I have.

I hope to share some of my repurposing and crafts in future post, for example I am in the process of painting a road on canvas and it is turning out pretty well so far.

I think the theme would make a great office, family room or boy’s room décor. From the looks of things on Pinterest it has been  a common wedding theme as well.

I will post about the completed project after the event in November.

In the meantime if you have any old die cast cars or airplanes you would like to part with I would be interested as well old globes or travel books. This is a non-profit event and donations of such items would be fantastic.

Off  to finish painting my road !


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