Z Interiors

My name is Linda Zink and I live with my wonderful husband ,Larry, in Olympia ,Washington. I have lived here all my life and love the close connection I share with family and friends. I have raised four amazing children, 3 of which now have families of their own. So now I have 9 grandchildren to brag about.

I have a passion for making a house into a home. Whether large or small, strick budget or not, redesign with what you have or start afresh, I have done it all.

So join me in this new phase of my life …Helping others make their homes a place of refreshment and comfort.

I have many fun ideas and tricks to help you create a home you love and want to share with family and friends.

Hope you’ll join me in making your home a place you love to be.



One thought on “Z Interiors

  1. I am excited to see what this year holds for you, Linda. You are so talented, and have such a gift in being able to decorate and most of all to make a home for you and your family! I love to see your new ideas and look forward to visiting you your new blog “a gathering place”! Have fun.

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