Only Took Me 33 Years to Finish !

This past week I finished a project that I started a looooooong time ago. I think at least 33 years is more like it.
I had this little wooden step stool that was my Gramma’s when I was a little girl. I used to stand on it to bake with her in her warm kitchen and even sit on it at the table when I was really small. Ok I’m still pretty small, but this was in a little toddler type of small. Anyhow…. I ended up with it when I had my first child,I wanted to use it with my children the way my Gramma did with me. So I started to strip the many layers of paint off the well worn wood. Using some paint striper that you applied and let eat away at the paint was a pain and the toxic smell made me decide it wasn’t worth the effort. So my little step stool moved from house to house usually stuffed in the garage or attic waiting to be finished….Someday. I couldn’t bare to part with it since I had such fond warm memories associated with it.


It started when I was looking for some paint to use on some vintage doors I want to convert to a headboard and another one to a chalkboard when I came across Annie Sloan Chalk Paint( The stuff is magic ! I watched all the YouTube videos I could to learn the application process and various techniques.


The best selling point to me was’ You don’t need to prep the surface, just clean it if it needs it with soap and water lightly, no primer, no sanding , just start painting’.

I KNOW ! Crazy hunh? Sure you can lightly sand if you want to remove some imperfections but for me it was motivation enough to give it a try.

So I decide to test the claims of the paint on my little step stool before I tackled a larger project. It did not disappoint ! I am a FAN !

Before :

P1030406 P1030402

Here it is after one coat:

P1030409 P1030407 P1030408

Yes you can paint in your house ! No fumes or odor ! It does suggest you leave a window open for ventilation. Additional information is given on the can of paint or at Annie Sloan’s web site.(

And finally 2 coats and a coat of the clear wax:


The paint covers great and dries fast. Colors can be mixed and the choices are fantastic. I used 50% Old White with 50% French Linen for a light gray look.

No longer stashed in the garage or collecting dust in the attic now the little step stool sits in my kitchen waiting for my granddaughter to stand on it to bake cookies with me.

You can distress a piece or leave it finished in a more contemporary look.  The possibilities are plentiful and only limited by your imagination. I encourage you to watch a few videos of the process and decide if it would work for your next painting project.

I can hardly wait to start my next one!



Captivated By Old Doors

Yesterday I was drawn to a photo of an old door on Pinterest. Pottery Barn was posting emerald green items after Pantone announced that was their color of the year.


I love old doors , always have, and the ones that show the wear of time and history speak to me all the more. So I went on a search for pictures of old doors. Starting with blue and green.


green door



Each door had a charm and story of it’s own and I was smitten with a desire to find more.

bluedoor8 bluedoor7 bluedoor6

Maybe it’s the texture and patina or maybe it’s the wonder of what stories they could tell, or even the curiousity of who lives behind each one and what is on the other side of the door. I think it’s a little of all of that.

bluedoor bluedoor2 bluedoor3 yellowdoor yellowdoor2

Can you tell I’m captivated?


Beach Decor

To me it is summer as of today June 1st, even if the weather outside refuses to cooperate. Rain or shine it is time to get this place ready for all the fun friend and family events on the calendar for the next 3 months.

I spent the day yesterday adding some of those summertime elements to the inside of our home. Around here that means BEACH and all that goes with it. Sea shells, sand , nautical touches, and the colors of aqua, blue, green and cream. That color part is not much of a stretch for me since I have those colors around most of the time anyway.

Before I headed out to look for any new ‘Beachyness” I scanned the Pottery Barn catalog, Ballard Design, Pinterest to name a few, for inspiration. Then I decided to dig out the beach stuff I have collected and stored from last year and start playing around with it.

First I put away Spring decor and cleared out some other items to make way for a’ Summer Make-Over’. Pillows got moved around from room to room and some were stored for the next change of season.

Tables were dusted and ready for displays of summertime and beach accessories.


 Little touches here and there but not so much you feel like you stepped into a seashore boutique.

Still working on the dining table arrangement :

Mantle updated for the summer :

Sea Glass Bottles (tutorial previous post):

I am still adding verses and such to my chalkboards, they seem to change often depending on the event or my whim of inspiration.

Funny I had all these things and didn’t purchase one new item of ‘Beachyness”. Since you can pick up driftwood , shells on vacations or a day at the beach I have plenty of those things. Photos of past beach vacations evoke a sweet memory and increase my anticipation for the new ones yet to be made. So pull out some favorite beach items and get them out to enjoy and share. Roll up the heavy carpets and lay down the sisal rug. Open the curtains, or take them down and let the sun shine in… at least be ready for when it does.

Next week I hope to share the patio and deck ready for entertaining… waiting on some hanging baskets to finish that off.

Have a great weekend !


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Woven Chairs

Since I had been gone for a week I had some errands to run and while I was out and about stopped by our local Marshall’s. You never know what you will find there. Somedays I find plenty of treasures for myself or clients and other days I leave empty handed. I had been watching their furniture section which mostly contained a few chairs and some garden pieces. I had my eye on these two chairs that were very similar to ones I had admired at Restoration Hardware for about $480 a piece with cushions. Still they were priced at $159 each,a deal compared to Restoration Hardware. However  they were still a stretch for any impulsive splurge since I wasn’t sure exactly where I would put them.  I kept them in mind knowing that one day they are there and often gone the next.

Here is the Restoration Hardware version:

Well it must have been meant to be, because they were still there today and marked down to $60 each. I scooped those babies up and brought them home to my little abode.

While we were in Newport Beach I saw the style in many a courtyard or around a dining table indoors. I think that inspired me to purchase them and incorporate them in my house for Spring and Summer.


There are a few places they would work in my house , but I put them in the breakfast nook for now. What do you think?

Have a great weekend!


‘HOME’ Printable

Yesterday I was feeling zapped of energy and starting to get a sore throat so I spent alot of time surfing the web. I came across this fun free printable to download and place in a frame. I will share the web link with you : so you can have your own copy.

So cute and you can choose from a variety of different font colors. You can either print it off on your home printer or download and save to have Costco print for you.

Thanks Ladies at .



While I was out yesterday shopping for a client’s office accessories I found few little things for myself as well. Isn’t that the way it goes, think you have a list and specific things in mind and you see something unexpected and “BAM” it’s in your cart. Yeah, well at least the items were under $10 each so no budget busted. However since I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while the whole shopping trip was a lot more fun. Thanks Katie so fun seeing you.

Here are the little treasures I found:

I have been spending sometime this morning trying to use some of these things on my dining table, since the tulips that were there died and petals are falling all over the table.

So here is phase 1:

Phase 2:

Added some moss balls (barrowed from outside, so now I need to make or get more to replace those.. it never ends) Candles too high, too many things at the same height…

Phase 3:

Getting better:

And this is how it looks until I add real flowers.

The little flower pot ended up here:

I want to get some mini iris or daffodils to replace the while faux tulips, but that is what I had to use to get an idea of how it would look.

I’m sure I will make a few changes as we get closer to Easter, but for now it looks ‘Spring-ified’ too.

Have a great weekend!


Guest Room ‘Spring-ified’

I am making my way through each room getting it Spring-ified and today I will share the guest bedroom update.

To begin with I found the bed frame at World Market on clearance a few years ago for about $150 and it is solid and very well made.

The end table also are World Market items. Lamps are from Target, but they may get replaced soon as I have my eye on some that would look better. Target has great lamps for the money and rival the same “Pottery Barn” look for less quite often. I am sure Pottery Barn hates that but that is a fact that suits me just fine when trying not to blow the budget and get the look for less. All that to say , I am a Pottery Barn fan and have many an item purchased from that beautiful store.

My winter look for the room is a Pottery Barn duvet and shams also purchased a few years ago. Love it for Fall and Winter but when Spring arrives I like to refresh it with Spring green.

Fall/ Winter:


I was ready for a change and I picked up the new quilt and sheets at Marshall’s . Got to love Marshall’s when you find a deal.

The bright little rug added for a pop of color was from Pier 1.

I love it when you have good bones for a room (ie: the furnishing and neutral walls) and can mix it up into something new in an afternoon. Speaks to my need to change things up every season.

Come on get Spring-ified!


Spring Decor

I am starting to refresh my home and lighten it up for Spring. It usually takes me a few days of moving things around and putting winter accessories away before it all comes together. I have started though and it feels good to get the lighter fabrics out and change the pillows, throws, my mantel and centerpieces.

I made some moss letters with reindeer moss from Michaels, wooden letters and a hot glue gun. So easy and Springy!

Mantel (phase 1)

Front door entry.

Some more moss accessories. When you live where we do moss is in great supply and so nice and green, so you may as well decorate with it.

Front door entry left side.

I will be adding other touches of Spring as we get into March and approach Easter. Can’t wait to add some flowers to the entry as soon as it’s a bit warmer.

As for the interior here’s the beginning stages of the Spring transformation.

The living room at the moment.

Entry  ( not sure if the Flower Market picture will be staying there , but for now..)

My friend Lynnette’s home is beautifully decorated for Spring. She has given me permission to share some sneak peeks into her warm and inviting home. Enjoy!

We like alot of the same things but put them together in different ways that reflect our personality and style. She” loves clutter” so she told me yesterday and I don’t. It’s fun to see what the same idea or item looks like in someone elses home and their interpretation of how it should be displayed.

So there is the beginning of Spring around my home. Chalkboards are painted and about to be inserted in their frames. I will let you know how that all turns out. I seem to be spraying everything with chalkboard paint lately. It however is very volatile in fumes and I needed to let the boards dry and air out well before bringing them inside.

I actually think I see a a ray of sunshine.. WhooHoo!

Have a great day!


A Rainy Day Project

So it is raining like crazy at the moment and I want to start a project, but I am not sure which one of the many on my ‘to do list’ I want to tackle.

To Do:

*Paint massonite for chalkboard, frame is ready

*Get out Spring pillows and throws for living room and redo decor

*Blog about all the various ways I’ve decorated my entry

*Repaint chalkboard door( seems like it could use a little touch up)

*I have a moss letter project ready to go

*Eat chocolate (check… already did that)

*Replace pictures in my photo gallery wall… redo totally . I have some other things to add.

*Put Spring bedding on guest bed and redo the room with the fresh decor I have.

These are my fun to do’s . I have another list of ‘not so fun to do’s’. You have them to,the things that you are never finished doing, like laundry, cleaning, cooking, paying bills, the usual.


I could share this little project with you that I did a while back. I had an old glass door knob from Larry’s grandparents house.



It was just laying on a shelf in the laundry room. I love the way the clear glass knob turned lavender over the years, but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. The base was probably brass and I thought it looked about the same color as a metal clothes hanger… LIGHT BULB!

So I cut a section out of the clothes hanger with a pair of wire cutters.


Then I used my jewelry pliers to bend the wire into some loops.



Then twisted the base of the two ends together and put it inside the end of the door knob. Voila’! Picture holder.




Kind of cute hunh?

Now hopefully I can get motivated enough to one of the other fun projects on my ‘to do ‘ list this weekend. Unless it happens to be sunny then I will be outside checking out my greenhouse and getting ready to build raised garden beds.  Ahhhh …Spring is just around the corner.

Have a great weekend!


First Sign of Spring

I know Spring doesn’t arrive until next month, March 20 to be precise, however I noticed an early sign of it today.

Didn’t even know that they were close to blooming. What a wonderful suprise after all that snow last month.

They were entangled in my lemon thyme which smells wonderful by the way. I love it that herbs like thyme and oregano are so hardy and make it through the winter here. There isn’t much else blooming or getting new tender green leaves but I’ll enjoy each little change as new life starts to emerge from the cold winter ground.

Maybe I can even start the Spring makeover inside too. I have some pillows and pictures I am eager to get out in anticipation of the next season. I’ve been holding out until after Valentine’s Day to start anything new or afresh. Starting to get antsy now to lighten things up.

I did print off this little sign I found on Pinterest . Last year I saw it on a linen pillow at Pottery Barn. Feel free to copy and print for your own personal use as well.

Hope you are able to copy and print this. I haven’t included printables before so let me know if this works please so I can continue to post in this manner if it works. I think you can just click on the image and copy and print. At least I hope so.

So as we emerge from the darkness of winter and look to brighter days of Spring let’s stop and take notice of the little gifts God gives us in this next season. I am so glad for the change of seasons we have here in the Pacific Northwest. Each one has it’s purpose and lasts just long enough so that we are ready for the next one.

I will keep you posted as my house gets it’s Spring makeover. I have some little projects I want to share and hope to inspire you to bring a little Spring to your home decor as well.

Have a great day… I am heading out to see if pussy willows are ready yet.