An ‘Almost Fall’ Morning

The sky is blue and the air is crisp this morning so I decided just to grab my camera and take a walk around the yard. Here is a peek at what it looks like around here today as Fall begins to change the landscape.


The garden is bursting with tomatoes and pumpkins as the morning dew evaporates in the sunshine.














I think I have reheated my coffee at least 5 times this morning because I keep getting sidetracked by the beauty of the view around me. Thankful for this peaceful and glorious start to the day. Taking time to stop and smell the lavender today !

Have a great Monday !



My New Adventure as a Noonday Ambassador


Well I finally took a leap of faith last week and began this new adventure as a Noonday Ambassador. Noonday Collection is company that sells beautiful handmade jewelry and accessories which provides dignified jobs at a living wage providing sustainable income for the vulnerable.

You can read more about Noonday Collection’s purpose and story here:

With my family raised and out on their own I now have some time on my hands.  I’m a creative ‘hummingbird’ (that’s what my husband calls me), that has always loved fashion and decorating. Just ask my family they will tell you they never know when the house will be restyled for the next season, guess it’s a bit of an obsession. I like to think of it as making it warm and inviting ready for friends and family.

I believe God has been stirring my heart to look beyond my comfy sofa to the hurting world and global poverty. As a woman and a mother I feel it is important to speak up for those who love their children like I do and who want a better life for their families.

I first heard of Noonday through my daughter Summer Scandrett when she became a Noonday Ambassador over 2 years ago. In fact I hosted her very first trunk show. Her heart and love for the Noonday purpose was contagious and I was an instant fan. I hosted a trunk show every season and wore Noonday everywhere I went.  I had thought I would love to be an Ambassador but not sure if this was for those gals in their 20’s and 30’s and I wasn’t hovering in those decades anymore.

Well the stirring in my heart just couldn’t be settled and I believe God nudged me to speak up on behalf of those who need my voice to be heard for them. Their stories just keep playing in my mind and I knew that it was time to join the Noonday Collection and tell the artisans personal stories of redemption and hope as well as economic opportunity.

Now I am excited to share the Noonday Collection story and purpose to those who haven’t heard and impact the lives of those beyond my borders.

The new Fall Collection is truly the most beautiful yet. Each piece is handmade and reflects the craftsmanship of the artisan.


So if you haven’t heard of Noonday Collection please take a moment to get to know this amazing company and their heart for advocating for the poor and passion for adoption.

Have a great day !


Not Quite Ready for Fall….Mantel #1

Seems like everyone is posting about Fall and sharing inspiring projects and I am still here hanging on to Summer as long as I can. As a matter of fact the forecast is for 91 degrees today so to me it’s still Summer until the weather changes.
I did take a walk on our trails today and grabbed a few branches from the hazelnut trees. They always seem to lose their leaves first and show the first signs Fall.
So I succumbed to easing into the season change and did a quick mantel decorating. Believe me this will last 2 weeks tops, but I am just not ready for pumpkins and such yet.
So here is my quick fall mantel with things I had on hand :






Now out to lay in the sun !

Drying Hydrangeas


Well it has been a busy summer around here and blogging has been low on the list of priorities for me. I hope to pick up where I left off and post more often.

This is the time of year where I want to hold on to a little bit of summer for a while longer and one way I do that is by drying some of my hydrangeas. I have found this is the best time of the year for easy and successful preservation of the lush blooms.

I have many colors and varieties in my yard and they change color as the weather cools and days become shorter. From vibrant blue to shades of green and lavender they hang heavy on the stems.

DSC_0029 DSC_0027 DSC_0026 DSC_0025 DSC_0023


I start by choosing blossoms that have been blooming for a while. I have found that new tender blossoms don’t dry and just shrivel up. They even start to dry on the plant if conditions are right. I cut the stem long enough to fit into my chosen container and remove the majority of the leaves if not all of them.




Once the leaves are removed I place the stems in small amount of water. As the water evaporates the hydrangeas dry out and they last and last. I toss them when they get dusty or I am ready to replace them with something else. DSC_0043




So easy and beautiful too !


PS: I saw they were selling a 3 stem bunch of vintage looking hydrangeas blossoms (same as I have shown here ) for $14.99 at Whole Foods. I think cutting and drying your own is a much better value, like say” FREE”. If you don’t have them in your yard stop and ask a neighbor who has a shrub bursting with blossoms if you can snip a couple, who knows they might just be flattered you think their flowers are worth preserving and share their bounty with you.

‘Fall Decor’

Fall is finally in the air around here. The brisk mornings and falling leaves reflect the change of seasons beautifully. This morning’s sunrise was no exception. Simply beautiful! I couldn’t help but pause and thank God for the beauty of His creation.

My home is also starting to embrace the change of season, as I bring in the fall harvest from the garden and incoporate it in my interior decore’. Sunflowers , pumpkins, squash of every color adorn my table , mantel and surfaces around my home.

Keeping it simple but still warm and inviting. Snuggle up as the evenings begin to chill and pull a faux fur throw over your toes.

A few Autumn touches in my kitchen as well.

I have given my entry a fall makeover as well, and I will share it soon.

Have a great day and maybe take a moment to step outside and enjoy this change of season and maybe bring a little of it indoors as well.


Early Fall Decor’

It’s a bit early for me to haul out the pumpkins or anything relating to October yet. I just can’t let go of summer time completely quite yet.

It has been sunny and warm so I am in a pre-fall mode. Packing away all seashells and all things beachy and embracing the change of seasons slowly.

Thinking more along the lines of early harvest, apples, pears and sunflowers.

My mantel is free from seaglass and sanddollars and is now holding a container of white hydrangeas and dried artichokes instead. An old board with the word ‘harvest’ written in chalk is there for now until the leaves start to change to orange and red.

Simple yet enough for now. I think sometimes less fuss makes for better design results.

My kitchen island hold limes and herbs with some lime-cilantro scented votives in my galvenized find from Marshall’s.

That’s just a sneak peek around here as I dust away beach sand and pack away any remnants of summer decor and continue the transition.

I hope to be more faithful in updating my blog as the events of the summer wind down and we all get back to our routine.

I finished a few projects and hosted a view events I hope to share in the days ahead.

Happy pre-fall decorating.