Captivated By Old Doors

Yesterday I was drawn to a photo of an old door on Pinterest. Pottery Barn was posting emerald green items after Pantone announced that was their color of the year.


I love old doors , always have, and the ones that show the wear of time and history speak to me all the more. So I went on a search for pictures of old doors. Starting with blue and green.


green door



Each door had a charm and story of it’s own and I was smitten with a desire to find more.

bluedoor8 bluedoor7 bluedoor6

Maybe it’s the texture and patina or maybe it’s the wonder of what stories they could tell, or even the curiousity of who lives behind each one and what is on the other side of the door. I think it’s a little of all of that.

bluedoor bluedoor2 bluedoor3 yellowdoor yellowdoor2

Can you tell I’m captivated?


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