Sea Glass Bottles

I have always loved the beach and things that are associated with the ocean and seashore. I love to bring out shells, sand, sea glass and photos of past beach vacations to decorate with over the summer. I usually start bringing the items out around Father’s day to accessorize the deck area and then it spills over to the kitchen and family room, entry and where ever else I think it needs a kiss of summer.

Love the frosted colors in Beach Glass:

I decided to start a little project before I bring all things beachy out to decorate with. I had seen something similar on Pinterest and started to experiment with my version of the Sea Glass or Beach Glass Bottle tinting.

Well here is my take on a tutorial of the process:

You will need :

* Mod Podge (or watered down white glue :3 parts glue to 1 part water)

*food coloring ( I used the neon colors, that’s what I have on hand. )

*dish washing liquid

* sponge paint brush

* clean and dry clear bottles ( I like the shapes of small vinegar, syrup, tabasco sauce, or jars, even canning jars)

That’s it! You probably have that on hand right now.

Cover your work surface with newspaper or a paper sack or whatever you’d like to keep from staining the area.

Now for the mixing:

I poured a little of the Mod Podge in a bowl. Then added 3 drops of the blue food coloring and 1 drop of green to get the aqua color I was going for. You can mix whatever color you want, there are no rules . I then added a few drops of dish soap. I think it may help it become frosted and not clear, and it also helps make clean up easier.  I was going for beach glass I didn’t want just a tinted glass like some of the blue mason glass tutorials. I found adding the dish soap helped that for some reason as well as using Mod Podge Matt Finish.

Then I mixed it all together:

Started applying it:

I like to be able to add fresh flowers to the container so I opted for coloring the outside of the bottle, so water could be added inside if desired. I gave it an even coat , then let it dry. It you want more intense color add 2-3 coats allowing it to dry in between each coat.


 There are a few subtle streaks sometimes, I didn’t mind them. It may depend on how thick the mod podge/ glue mixture is and also the surface of the glass. I had some with slight streaks and others with none at all using the same mixture. If you don’t like the results, wash it off and try again

Since this is a temporary color project, it washes off easily if you aren’t satisfied with it or just want to use it a while and then change the color for a different look.

I am giving my bottles a coat of matt varnish to seal it and hope that will allow me to use it a while without the color chipping off . If you don’t put a sealer over it , it will wash right off.

I had suggested a liquid matt varnish, however some readers had trouble with it removing the mod podge mixture. So I have used this product with great success, Krylon Matt Finish.


This is how mine turned out:

Let me know if  you give it a try and how it works for you. Always apprecitate good feedback and helpful advice.

Let’s get BEACHY!


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73 thoughts on “Sea Glass Bottles

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  2. You must have been reading my mind, I’ve got some great bottles and I’ve been trying to figure out how to “make” sea glass! Thank you so much!!

  3. Hey, I am just looking around your blog for more good summer time decorating ideas and this one is fabulous!!! Your bottles look amazing and just wonderful with the sea glass.

  4. I am curious to know if the matte varnish keep the paint coating from washing off. because I would like to try this look, but I’d want it to be permanent. Thanks!

    • Hi Alison,
      You might like to try sealing the painted bottle with Krylon Matte Finish it’s a spray product. It says it’s permanent and moisture resistant. I wouldn’t advise putting your painted glass in the dishwasher, but you could probably wipe it off if needed.
      I am going to post a Sea Glass update soon and share a project I am working on so check back for more info. Thanks for visting my blog 🙂

  5. Painted my bottles the other day! Well, it’s not as easy as it looks. My suggestion would be to STIR not shake the solution, as I will leave bubbles on your glass. Lots of streaks and drips, when I went to give them a second coat many hours later, the first coat came right off and created clumps. Washed all off! Started again, load VERY LITTLE solution onto your sponge brush, keep watching for drips which will be in creases and bottom of bottles. I’m not going to try to apply a second coat, one coat will have to do! I like them, their frosted like sea glass but I think would look more realistic with second coat. Will spray with matte sealant spray.

    • I agree don’t shake mixture, stir gently and avoid bubbles . Apply slowly with a sponge brush and the streaks fade when dry if you go slow with the strokes.
      Mine are still looking great and it’s been over 6 months since I painted them. I have a new permanent product to try and will post about it soon.

  6. Have tried this before but have not tried it with dish washing liquid in it … this might help it to go on more smoothly. I had trouble with some glass pieces with streaks, etc. It’s like certain types of glass just don’t work well for whatever reason … Thanks for this tip!!

    • OH NO! I have been happy using a matt spray sealer, Krylon Matt Finish is the one I have used.
      Hope this helps 🙂
      I wonder if anyone else had this issue…hmmmmm.
      I think I will update my post with the product I think works better consistantly.
      Thanks for the feedback.

      • Do you think it could be that I used the watered down glue instead of Mod Podge? I’m going to clean them off and try again as soon as I can narrow down what I need to change. Maybe Mod Podge and spray sealer?

      • Possibly 🙂 I have only used Mod Podge with the matt finish along with the spray sealer.
        There are more permanent glass painting methods and glass paints available but you have to bake the glass item after you coat it with the product. I have purchased some I plan to try soon.

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  8. I am doing this project with my students for a mothers day present. When do you spray with the matte finish? After the glue/color mixture dries? How long does it take to dry? Thank you for your post and help!

  9. The reason the paint pealed when using the white glue is because watered down white glue IS NOT the same as Mod Podge. White glue is made to wash off grubby little hands after art projects (and any other surface it gets on). Mod Podge actually is an adhesive that has sealants in the super special blend, so it has that extra sticking power. I’ve used the “out door” version of Mod Podge when I did this project and helps to eliminate washing off since it is made to withstand the elements to an extent. However, I agree and strongly suggest the matte spray finish just to seal in all the hard work that was put into this darling project. Great find! =]

    • I didn’t use but a drop of dish soap and stirred slowly. I didn’t have a bubble problem. Hope this helps.
      Sorry for the delayed reply, I was away on vacation and just got home 🙂

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  13. I was not able to get the krylon matte finish. I purchased another brand finisher and it gave my bottles a more frosted look. They still look pretty but not as clear as i’d like. I really enjoyed my first attempt and look forward to doing more projects. :}

  14. hey Linda
    Namaste from India
    I am doing a sea theme party and this tutorial will go a long way in helping me do the t-lite decorations with my old jam/pickle jars.
    Only thing is we DONT get modge podge here 😦
    so lemme see how this is going to turn out once i am done with the local supplies here!
    but thanx for a grt tutorial!

    • Hello from Arizona, USA – There is a recipe on Pinterest to make a homemade version of “Mod Podge” type it in the “search” line. Best wishes for a fabulous party! Enjoy the moment … ~Kendall

  15. Linda, I was painting a design on bottles for seasoned olive oil. I wanted it to be permanent so I asked the teacher that I took painting classes from. She told me Delta Ceramcoat Varnish. As you dip brush in paint also dip in varnish. I have put these oil bottles in the dishwasher and they are far. Eileen

  16. I love this! Im so obsessed with sea glass right now! I used your recipe and it turned out great. I even forgot to put in the water and it still turned out fine.

  17. Did a small glass vase with this process and loved it. Whil it was still wet I sprinkled on some glitter then after it was dry sprayed it with lacquer that I had on hand. With a little lace around the neck and a paper flower I have the perfect gift for a neighbor who shovels my driveway for me.

  18. Thnx for tips: do you add the dishwasher to the mixture if mod podge and food coloring??? If yes, how much dishwasher?
    I spray painted my wine bottles with primer white paint and thinners- with the spray gun and compressor. BUT my paint falls off after a while like strips – why what can i do ?? Thnx

    • Just use the dishwasher safe version of modge podge (available at walmart, Joann, Michael’s. Amazon, etc) to add your colorant and dish soap to. When dry, use 1 or 2 clear coats to seal completely. I’ve used it for glittered mugs with no shedding 🙂 For painting, you can use a coat as base, then paint and recoat to seal. This stuff works really well!

      • Thanks Lori ! I wrote this post quite a while ago and I think new products have been created that make this process even better.

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  21. You picture the Elmer’s glue with your supplies to use, but you do not mention actually using it on your project. Please advise.

    • Hi Lois, Haha! I did this so long ago I’m trying to remember why I had it in the photo:) I think it could have been that originally I was thinking of making my own version of modge podge with glue as a option. But never did that since the modge podge worked so well for my project at the time.

  22. Beautiful glass work…! Now how do you get the glass in pieces with the dull edges….? Like to use for jewelry or sun catchers or wind chimes. ..?

  23. I’m doing this as I write (bottles drying) and am so excited to see the finish. Mine are not as nice as yours are as my mod podge is old and not working out really great……..but am experimenting so I can make more later. Thank you so much for your post and instructions.

  24. help. Trying to make the beach glass look and mine are turning out clear. I’m using matte mod-podge with food coloring and some dawn. Do I need to use a ton more food coloring? My color seems to match yours (which I love by the way).

    • Hi Marsha, That’s possible, I applied it pretty thinly. Go with a light application and see if that helps. Add a little more modge podge to thicken if needed. 🙂 Hope that helps.

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  28. I use Krylon Sea Glass spray paint. It is amazing and only requires spraying the glass and drying. No, sealer needed. They also have multiple colors. You could create your own sea glass pieces by breaking up some glass and spraying it. Just be sure the glass is thick like those old Coke bottles. They still have the thick bottles in singles that are made in Mexico. I have a few of those, dropped one on the way to the recycling bin and as I was picking it up it wasn’t sharp. Then it hit me, spray it with Krylon Sea Glass spray! So I did and put them all into a clear vase. It looks fantastic. Of course, broken tempered glass is preferred. That can be purchased very cheaply at any local glass company. They break glass all the time.Probably would give it to you.Here is an image of a tutorial from Krylon on how to make a sea glass sun catcher

  29. Hey thanks so much for the tutorial! I love how it came out, but I wanted to know if these could be placed outside? I would love for them to be hanging in my cabana, but will it erode, or wash away? Let me know, thanks a lot!👍

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